Step into the Nature with uin and Enjoy Its Beauty💃

Since I was little I always liked the colors associated with nature and that they convey the joy that always goes with me. I chose many pairs of uin from the Floral Collection. I love every single pair of them as they give me inspiration for my outfits and make me feel like I have to step into nature and enjoy its beauty.

Do NOT Follow the Stereotypes and Wear What You Like

When I started working as a lawyer, I remember buying two dark-colored jacket suits as I have to make sure I am professional enough. But over time I realized that I don’t have to follow stereotypes because it wasn’t myself. I think that clothes say something about us, so I adapt my own style to each situation without ever giving it up until now. Style defines us and is something personal. Wear what you like and not what others like. Every woman is unique so they don’t tell you what to do or wear. ✨This is why I like uin - it never plays by the rules.

"Do NOT Let Anyone Get Away from You without Being a Little Happier"

The other day I had a bad day at work, so I got home, chose my uin in red tones, a matching dress and went out for coffee. I thought…. Carla, don't be upset. Everything has a solution. I walked for a long time, I was very comfortable with my red uin. After a while, the disgust faded... Colors transmit sensations to us, just like people. There is a phrase from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, which I like very much and identifies me. ✨"Don't let anyone get away from you without being a little happier". I like my clothes to convey joy and with uin it is very easy to achieve it.